Arjana Brezigar Masten


Arjana Brezigar is the Director of the Analytical Research Center, which is one of the key departments of the Bank of Slovenia. This department is responsible for analyzing economic events and policies, producing economic forecasts, and studying monetary policy. It also focuses on research in the field of central banking and publishes and promotes scientific contributions. Arjana Brezigar is also an associate professor and coordinator of the undergraduate program in Mathematics in Economics and Finance at the Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences, and Information Technology at the University of Primorska. In the past, she has been a lecturer and course leader for numerous undergraduate and postgraduate subjects in macroeconomics, microeconomics, finance, financial markets, and econometrics. Her main research areas include macroeconomics, finance, and applied econometrics. Arjana Brezigar is the author and co-author of numerous articles published in renowned international and domestic journals; she is also a reviewer in international journals and an editor of domestic publications. Over the years, she has been a member of numerous international and domestic professional bodies. As a representative of the Bank of Slovenia, she is currently a member of the ECB’s Monetary Policy Committee and the ECB Research Group, and within the Bank of Slovenia, Arjana Brezigar is the Chair of the Research Commission and a member of the Investment Committee. In her career so far, she has participated in numerous domestic and international academic and professional projects in the fields of macroeconomics, macroeconomic modeling, monetary analysis, and financial models.