Branko Žibret


Branko Žibret has more than 25 years of consulting and management experience. For 20 years, he has worked at Kearney as a consultant in the areas of reorganisations, strategic and business transformations, acquisitions and post-merger integrations in both the public and private sectors. He has led numerous projects in various industries in the international environment, in the financial and banking industry, foreign direct investment management, energy, telecommunications, the consumer goods and retail industry, and other sectors. Much of the consulting work is tied to the strategic transformation of supply chains, including the purchasing function. Consulting work includes projects to bring down purchasing costs, reorganise the purchasing function or improve the purchasing processes. He has held several management positions, such as director of the Eastern Europe Business Unit, director of Practice for Government and Public Sector Consulting in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and team director in South-Eastern Europe. Branko has authored numerous articles and publications. He edited and published the book Strategic Purchasing. Before joining Kearney, he held several leadership positions at various companies.

Measuring the Effects of the Purchasing Function

Most companies have prepared purchasing strategies, one way or another. Of course, it is a great challenge not only to the purchasing teams but also to the management and all stakeholders how to implement them, how to update them, what the relevant content looks like, how to coordinate them at a given moment. In the case of BSH Nazarje, we improve the purchasing strategy process every year. All of us are increasingly aware of the need to have the strategy, and, above all, we try to take advantage of all the benefits it brings and avoid the growing risks. It is crucial that the purchasing strategy starts with the word ‘Team’ and that it is taken seriously by all the involved in its implementation, i.e. a high commitment to achieving common goals. No words need to be wasted on the need for management support. About all this and more at the meeting itself.