Giovanni Atti

Trainer and Procurement and Supply Chain Consultant, ADACI – Italian Purchasing Association

Master in Purchasing and Supply Management, Dr. Giovanni Atti has worked for over forty years in managerial roles at Alfaromeo, Unilever, TRW, British Leyland, Siai Marchetti Airplanes and AgustaWestland Helicopters. He has been President of ADACI for three terms, and Deputy President of the International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management. He has published the following books: Category Management in the retail and manufacturing industry”, “Contract Law of the People’s Republic of China”, and “The fourth Industrial revolution: towards the digital supply chain.” He is a member of the association’s R&D and Public Procurement Committees and teaches in three university masters.

Post Covid-19 value chains: do we increase their resilience or robustness or do we focus on reshoring and innovation?

The global pandemic is about to end. We have to prepare a relaunch strategy that ensures the continuity of our supplies by reducing their vulnerability. Do we improve the geographical diversification of our vendors or do we continue to work with the current value chains increasing their resilience or their robustness? Do we focus on the robotic process automation to increase their competitiveness, or, taking advantage of the reduced the salary gap with low-cost countries, do we focus on the reshoring? During his presentation, the speaker will analyze these four options trying to highlight the most convenient one in relation to the specific situation.