Josip Bešta

digital procurement transformation consultant at Ensolva

Procurement digital transformation enthusiast who turned digital transformation from hobby into business. As a student, he became interested in forms of digital transformation of business and society in general. This later became apparent in the employment of RWE Hrvatska d.o.o. (today E.ON Hrvatska d.o.o.) where he took responsibility for the establishment, management and later for the digital transformation of the corporative procurement. In 2020, he transferred to PROEBIZ s.r.o. in the Czech Republic, where as Country manager gained international experience in the application of electronic auctions in procurement. At his point, he is gaining new perspectives in practice, but also through education for the Digital Procurement Manager in Prague, under the guidance of procurement expert Jan Vašek. In early 2021, he became a member of the Ensolva team, where he served as a consultant for the procurement digital transformatio. He is a lecturer on procurement topics at specialized online workshops Ensolva Friday Workshop and one of the initiators of online procurement encounters – Procurement Team.
He lives in Varaždin with a girlfriend and four cats. On weekends, if he is not procuring for household needs, he arranges the garden.

A Purchasing Strategy in Practice – The Case of Adria Mobil

Notwithstanding the half-century presence of the new microelectronic revolution, its practical manifestation in digital transformation, and innovative technologies from the Internet to AI as engines of such transformation, data as a critical resource and data analytics as a vital activity have not yet reached SMEs to improve their respective businesses and promote engagement in the digital age. This is due to a combination of various financial (excessive price) and non-financial (non-adaptability and lack of agility of digital solution providers, lack of staff and/or ignorance) factors that entirely exclude digital transformation as a goal of SMEs.

We believe this can be transformed by exchanging knowledge and know-how (peer-to-peer networking, agile approach of service providers) and publicly funded programmes of concrete digital transformation. Eliminating ignorance with a combination of bottom-up and top-down approaches would produce an open, transparent, and constructive culture of digital transformation.

Procurement is an ideal partner to kick off the digital transformation because it acts as a hub coupling the inner world of an organisation having requirements for the external world of suppliers.