Luka Škrjanc


Luka Škrjanc is an expert in implementing Performance Management with many years of practical experience in Slovenian companies and foreign corporations. His work is based on his own experience, which he gained by successfully leading teams in various business areas and constantly acquiring knowledge. His guiding principles are practicality and simplification of solutions to highest possible degree (common sense). Adhering to such philosophy, as a consultant for senior and middle management, Luka takes care of implementing solutions into practice, to achieve the set goals of the organisation. He leads transformation processes for organisations and leaders facing the challenges of transforming their organisations or teams.

The Post-Pandemic Management

Is it essential to transform the way you lead? Why and how to do it? Where are the trends of adequate and appropriate leadership, which will enable the improvement of the organisational climate, the proper commitment of employees and simultaneously even smoother achievement of the set goals?

We will learn what leadership factors changed during the pandemic, how and with what you, leaders, can contribute to developing a proactive organisational culture directly related to effectiveness. We will also touch on key competencies in the field of management in general and purchasing, which due to the situation quickly gained their important role in ensuring the desired performance of individuals, teams and organisations.