Who is invited?

The procurement conference is the central annual meeting in the field of procurement, attended by more than 180 purchasing directors, purchasing managers and other procurement experts annually.

Why attend?

Current purchasing trends

The main topics of the conference will be next-generation procurement, global trends in economics and procurement, sustainable procurement, digitisation of procurement processes in practice, and the challenges of managing and organising procurement.

Something for yourself

In addition to professional content, the Conference programme will also include motivational workshops and useful content that will help you in your personal development.

Evening party

The evening cocktail party brings all the Conference participants together. With a relaxed atmosphere and music, you will have plenty of opportunities to socialise with colleagues.

Na konferenci bomo razglasili tudi Nabavnega managerja 2020, ki z svojimi izkušnjami in dosežki izstopa na področju nabavnega managementa.
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