Primož Lončar


A Father, a husband, a co-worker, a leader. After completing his studies, he joined the purchasing group at BSH Nazarje and proved himself through various procurement posts over the years, which did not go unnoticed. For the last six years, he has been leading the purchasing department, and from 2019 onwards also controlling at BSH Nazarje. He is part of the global purchasing management of the BSH division of small household appliances and part of the management in the same division. In 2020, based on the excellent work of his purchasing team, he became the Purchasing Manager of Slovenia, which. In addition to winning the title Factory of the Year 2020 in Slovenia and Factory of the Year 2020 in Europe, this meant for BSH Nazarje an additional confirmation that his team performs well and is on the right track.

Tema govora

A 2021 Purchasing Strategy in Practice – The Case of BSH House Appliances Ltd. Nazarje

Most companies have prepared purchasing strategies, one way or another. Undoubtedly, it is a great challenge to the purchasing teams and the management and all stakeholders how to implement them, how to update them, what the relevant content looks like, and how to coordinate them at a given moment. In the case of BSH Nazarje, we improve the purchasing strategy process every year, we are all increasingly aware of the need to have it, and above all, we try to take advantage of all the benefits it brings and avoid the growing risks. It is crucial that the purchasing strategy starts with the word ‘Team’ and that it is taken seriously by all the involved in its implementation, i.e. a high commitment to achieving common goals. There is no need to waste words on the need for support from the management.