Alenka Valenčič Butinar

Member of the ZNS

Alenka Valenčič Butinar is an expert in supply chain management with many years of experience. A comprehensive view of the supply chain process guided by a personal motto “keep it smart and simple” and goal orientation enables her to bring solutions into practice effectively. Active involvement in research on new business opportunities, managing various projects, caring for process optimisation, reorganisation and introducing changes are just some of the challenges she has successfully accomplished in her career. Throughout, she has been professionally educated in various fields and strengthened personal competencies (personal growth, negotiation, relationship management, selling solutions, managing and motivating employees, NLP, reorganisation and change management). Incessantly following and striving for change in the “VUCA world” is a motivator for introducing change in all walks of her life.

The Catalogue of Standard Jobs in Purchasing

For the first time, the Slovenian Purchasing Association will publicly present the Catalogue of Standard Jobs in Purchasing based on the International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management (IFPSM) standards. This is the first internationally comparable and unified document of job descriptions and job titles in Slovenia intended for managers, organisers of purchasing processes in creating organisation charts, and human resources departments in evaluation. With the presentation and promotion of the Catalogue of Standard Jobs, we are proposing a unified naming and content of jobs into Slovenia’s purchasing process. The document focuses on structuring the scope of operational, tactical and strategic purchasing posts. It considers the scale of promotions and responsibilities from operational implementation to the highest level of purchasing process management.