Sara Isaković

Olympic silver medallist, coach, certified practitioner in hypnosis, TedX speaker

Sara Isaković won a Silver Olympic medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, with the time of 1.54.97, being the second woman to ever drop below the 1.55 mark. She made history by being the first Slovenian to bring home a swimming Olympic medal. Sara pursued her swimming career and studies at the University of California Berkeley, having success in both fields. She graduated with a degree in Psychology and later pursued brain research at University of California San Diego. The research lab explored brain mechanisms of resilience in US Navy Seals Marines and Olympic athletes. As a co-author, Sara has been published in two research journals- Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience as well as Biological Psychology. Her studious self led her to obtain a masters degree in Performance Psychology with the thesis focus on Aviation Psychology. She worked as an intern at the Emirates Airlines psychology department where she built her own mental training program for airline pilots, and the same year presented her ideas on the TEDx stage. After taking on multiple projects around the world- joining a startup in Oslo and preparing 4 Norwegian girls to row across the Atlantic-, she decided to return back home to Slovenia, where she now lectures and mentally prepares performers of various backgrounds for optimal performance within their field.

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