Stand out from the crowd, become a sponsor

Supporting the Conference in the form of sponsoring the event is one of the more successful ways to weave new business opportunities or nurture existing business partnerships. Networking and personal acquaintances are an increasingly important element in entering into new business.

In addition to a targeted presentation to the audience and quality use of the time that you will devote to interacting with the participants, you, as sponsors of the event, will be able to build and consolidate your visibility in the Slovenian market. At the same time, being present at the event will allow you to perform various activities that will provide you with immediate feedback by the participants about your products or services…

Do not hide in the background – make a step forward! We have prepared various forms of sponsorship deals for you. Together, we can also come up with packages tailored to your activities and wishes.

For any further sponsorship information, please contact:

Polona Koštomaj, Business director of Planet GV
+386 41 809 032











Why is it good to be in our company?

We have been working intensively with Planet GV in recent years as their events enable us to access new business opportunities and strengthen our brand.

Jana Colnar, direktorica

Grow Adriatik d.o.o.