Tina Kastelic


Tina Kastelic graduated in psychology from the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana. In addition to her studies, she has completed numerous educations and training. She completed the transactional analysis, psychodrama, medical hypnosis basics for relaxation purposes, NLP, and training of trainers. She has extensive experience in human resource development and capacity assessment in organisations. Her company Kompetenca Ltd. conducts in-depth training to develop soft skills and coaching and assesses the individuals’ potential. She is also specialised in complex personnel solutions (competence models, succession systems, mentoring systems, defining responsibilities and roles, etc.). From 2016 to 2018, she was an HR partner for the entire toolmaking; from 2017 onwards, she has also been the HR partner for SRIP materials, factories of the future and the circular economy. In 2019, she joined the Competence Centre for Human Resources Development in ICT.

Sound Relationships Are the Key to Long-term Success

More than a year ago, our world as we knew it turned upside down. Overnight, we were forced to adapt to the new reality, which is ruled by ample uncertainty, rapid instantaneous changes, and insecurity. Still, some did great, others somewhat worse. What is the recipe for success? Where is the difference? It’s about agility and the ability to maintain sound relationships. We used to nurture those qualities at a good lunch, a live meeting. Today, this is often not possible, not even rarely, let alone regularly. We don’t even find the right opportunity for a relaxed chat. We only strive for efficiency and focus on the task. The foundation of any sound relationship, both business and private, is trust. Do we really know how to develop it remotely, via phones and cameras? What do people need to trust us? Sound relationships are the key to long-term success.